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In December 2023, the Equine care Group entered a partnership with TRM, an Irish company specialized is the development of high-quality nutritional supplements for horses. The specialists within ECG will work closely together with the R&D department of TRM to develop new innovative products who can support the horse’s health.

Within the horse sector there is a need for high quality products that can be used preventively to achieve better health and well-being of horses. Many products can also be used to treat certain diseases and disorders. The importance of this collaboration is very large and will improve the health and well-being of horses worldwide, and that is exactly what the Equine Care Group stands for.

About TRM

TRM is European market leader in the development and distribution of high-quality feed supplements and general healthcare products in horses.

The company was founded in 1989 in Newbridge, the "Horse Capital" of Ireland. TRM's facilities have grown into a state-of-the-art 7300 m2 production facility that uses the latest technology to ensure that all products are manufactured to exacting international standards.

TRM operates in more than 70 countries worldwide and has developed more than 55 healthcare products. Thanks to their long-standing meticulous attention to detail, focus on quality, R&D and innovation, TRM enjoys a world-renowned reputation for excellence.

TRM is accredited with the highest international standard for animal feed production, namely GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Process). Only top-quality ingredients are used, and the entire production process is closely monitored through an HACCP system.

The mission of TRM is to fulfill the specific nutritional needs for horses worldwide and also to provide maximum support for sport horses during their efforts. TRM products are therefore used in more than 70 countries by winners in all disciplines.

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