About the Equine Care Group


The foundations of the Equine Care Group ("ECG") have been laid in January 2021 by Dr. Tom Mariën, founder of Equitom, Frederik Bruyninx (Sports veterinarian and team veterinarian from of the Belgium jumping team) and Bencis Capital Partners, a Private Equity Fund, ready to support the vision and ambition of these veterinarians.


The Equine Care Group has a very clear vision: providing the best possible medical services for your horses.

In order to achieve our goal, ECG allows veterinarians, scientists and hospitals to partner up within ECG to share their passion, knowledge and expertise and this on an international level.

Collaboration is the future in veterinary medicine and ECG opens a door to a new medical world.  A world in which progression, sharing information and close collaboration between top specialists are key to achieve the highest level of veterinary medicine.


We are unique and united !

The Equine Care Group is a group of veterinarians made for veterinarians. Our concept is unique in the world. 

For the first time in history, ambulatory Equine Veterinarians and Equine Hospitals, partner up with each other on an international level.

The enormous pool of knowledge and expertise within ECG levels up our Equine Medicine and will further professionalize the veterinary sector.  

ECG has developed a strong network of competence driven by veterinarians for the benefit of the horses.

The presence of Bencis in the group as a strategic partner allow us to realize our ambitious plans. Together with Bencis, we strive for the highest quality with means of our group members and our services


Provide the best possible medical care for horses across the boundaries.

The Management Team

Tom Mariën

Chief Executive Officer ECG, DVM, Equine Surgeon & founder of Equitom

Jonathan Mommer

Chief Financial Officer ECG

Kadidja Essaheli

Marketing Director ECG

Frederik Bruyninx

President ECG Ambulatory Care, DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Filip Vandenberghe

President ECG Hospitals, DVM, Assoc. LA ECVDI

Eduardo Felix

President ECG Ambulatory Care, DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Kathleen Van den Eynde

Managing Director ECG Nutrition & Supplements

Tom Mariën

DVM, Equine Surgeon, Founder Equitom

Hans Wilderjans

DVM, Diplomate ECVS

Bernard Boussauw

DVM, PHD, Diplomate ECVS

Jeroen Declercq

DVM, PHD, Diplomate ECVS

Michael Meulyzer

DVM, Diplomate ECVS/ACVS

Mathieu Foucaud

DVM, Resident ECVS

Dimitri Kadic

DVM, Diplomate ECVS/ACVS

Liesbeth Haegeman

DVM, Equine Surgeon

Filip Vandenberghe


Zoë Joostens

DVM, Diplomate ECVDI

Stijn Hauspie

DVM, Diplomate ECVDI

Lise Rasmussen

DVM, Diplomate ECVDI

Lothar Vanslambroeck

DVM, Equine Orthopedist, Director of the orthopedic & rehabilitation center at Equitom

Frederik Bruyninx

DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Filip Vandenberghe


Eduardo Felix

DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Paul Hendrikx

DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Mark Deuss

DVM, Equine Sports Medicine

Jeroen Declercq

DVM, Equine Sports Medicine, Diplomate ECVS

Sofie Van de Velde

DVM, Equine Orthopaedics and Diagnostic Imaging

Katleen Vanschandevijl

DVM, Diplomate ECEIM

Katrien Palmers

DVM, Diplomate ECEIM

Simona Cerri

DVM, Diplomate ECEIM

Elke Pollaris

DVM, PHD, Diplomate EVDC

Aurélie Sauvage

DVM, Diplomate ECVO

Wendy Wambacq

MVetSci, PhD, Dipl. ECVCN, Dipl. ICREO

Founding Equine Care Group

The Equine Care Group was founded with these partners:

Construction Equine Hospital Namur

  • Fully equipped Equine Hospital
  • 60 boxes
  • Opening foreseen end 2022

Navalis joins

Navalis joins the group.

Eduardo joins

Eduardo Felix joins the group.

Several veterinarians join

Three new veterinarians join the group:

Several hospitals join

Three new Equine Hospitals join the group:

Extension Equitom Lummen

  • State of the Art Surgical facilities (total of 3 OR)
  • Conference and multimedia rooms
  • 50 additional boxes
  • Opening foreseen may 2023