Committed to sustainability


Our mission is not only to improve the healthcare of horses, but also to ensure the well-being of the people who care for them.

“Every year we examine and treat more than 40.000 horses and we help many more horses and horse owners all over the world by sharing our knowledge and innovations with them but also with veterinarians and specialists worldwide. ECG tries to improve animal healthcare by innovation in our different divisions and by collaboration and this on an international scale.

Dr. Tom Mariën, CEO Equine Care Group

Since the creation of the Group in 2021, we collaborate with ESG Advantage consultancy to optimize and continuously improve on all ESG aspects within the Equine Care Group.

The Equine Care Group is strongly committed to sustainability, and this applies to all the important ESG criteria: environmental, social and governance.


We aim to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, and we raise awareness for a greener future and for common responsibility among our team.

We value ecology highly and our “Equitom Equine Hospital” is a role-model for all Equine Hospitals in the world. Ca. 80% of our electricity consumption is produced by our own solar panels and the balance comes from renewable sources, which makes the clinic 100% green on electricity consumption. Equitom is also 100% self-sufficient in water supply. Indeed, rainwater and groundwater are collected, purified and reused. In addition, more than a thousand trees and plants were planted to expand biodiversity and the existing meadows were sown with herbs and other nectar-producing plants”.

Jonathan Mommer, CFO Equine Care Group

Offsetting the annual CO2 emissions:

Within ECG there is a clear consensus to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible and thus contribute to the environment. Several steps have been taken with the following goal in mind to lower CO2 emissions:

- Providing hybrid company cars

- Introducing and using recyclable packaging

- Correct sorting and processing of waste

- Minimizing unnecessary traveling and replacing it with digital meetings

- Installing and using solar panels



Our employees:

Our team is our greatest asset, and they are proud to work for ECG, a globally recognized leader in equine medical care. We aim for an optimal working environment that fosters dynamism, personal development, transparency and a clear vision on the future. We encourage young people by giving them responsibility and incentives within the organization, evaluating them, promoting and compensating them through a transparent remuneration policy, and providing them with opportunities to share in value creation through shares and option incentives.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is important and with that slogan we have set up our own gym for our employees.

“Within our ECG Medical Care division, we aim to improve the inadequate ‘work-live balance’ that currently exists in the veterinary profession. We firmly believe that allowing veterinarians to work in groups and relieving them of cumbersome administrative responsibilities will help will help them nurture social relations with fellow veterinarians and provide opportunities for continuous education, while leaving ample room for quality family time..”

Dr. Frederik Bruyninx, Co-Founder & Director of Equine Care Group

Our values:

ECG has been built on key values that are the pillars of our company and they define how we conduct ourselves and shape our relationships with our team members and our environment.

values ESG

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Striving for innovation

Employee Engagement:

Regular staff meetings, surveys and a continuous and accessible communication between the team members are of major importance to create a sense of belonging for all employees. We understand their need to feel included and valued in order to contribute optimally and efficiently to the common goal:

“Improving the medical care and animal welfare in horses and contributing as a team to a better world.”

The staff surveys offer valuable insights that help us as a team to make well-informed decisions.

Health and Wellbeing:

One of our main priorities is the wellbeing of our staff members, both mentally and physically.

Working with horses, X-rays, and machinery is not always risk-free. Creating safe working conditions is key and that requires awareness, education, and protection.

We proactively manage the health & safety function to ensure the well-being of our team whilst continuing business operations. Therefore, ECG also invest in communal areas, gym rooms, a green and peaceful working environment and motivating team building activities.

Diversity and Equality:

We keep track of the gender distribution of our workforce, and nearly 70% of them are women. Our company values the diversity of nationalities and cultures represented in our hiring pool.

Continued Professional Development (CPD):

All employees benefit from a regular review with managers where feedback is exchanged in both directions. Employees have the opportunity to continuously grow in the organization through positive reviews and professional development.

Within ECG we offer employees and young veterinarians training packages and pathways developed for the different roles in the company, to ensure a sustainable growth for both the individual as the company.

Human rights & Modern Slavery:

We condemn every violence against human rights and oppose to all forms of modern slavery and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

Our employees are treated respectfully and receive a correct salary.

Beyond this, we as ECG are strongly committed to achieving better welfare and optimal medical care for horses and this on an international level.

Our community:

We are dedicated to collaborating with academic institutions worldwide. After completing an internship at one of our companies, students are encouraged to pursue certain studies or specialization courses. Young graduates and other students come to ECG to acquire real-world experience in order to get ready for the professional life.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art conference/multimedia room within ECG where we can give lectures and even (live) stream them to share information and knowledge with clients, horse owners, riders, trainers, students, veterinarians and specialists. Thanks to streaming technology, we can also have international conversations and discussions about more specialized topics with surgeons, veterinarians, or experts in other fields.

The Equine Care Group has a total social media followers base of 4.3 million, through which information and knowledge is continuously shared with the world.

Governance Icon


Board of Directors:

ECG's board of directors meets every 6 weeks and is composed of entrepreneurs and professionals who are complimentary and have renowned expertise in their fields. As a result, well-informed decisions are made to the benefit of the company and its stakeholders.

All medical decisions such as making a diagnosis, carrying out treatment, choosing medication, giving medical advice, etc. are exclusively reserved for the group's veterinarians without any influence and totally independent of the board of directors.

An external auditor oversees the company's accounting and financial statements.

The remuneration committee, composed of members of the Board of Directors, ensures that correct salaries are awarded to staff. These salaries are regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Companies Act:

The Board of Directors is committed to operating to the highest standards. Board members are required to disclose conflicts of interest and adhere to their fiduciary duties.

Anti-bribery and Corruption:

We have a strict Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which prohibits bribery and corruption at all levels.

Privacy and Data Protection:

We guarantee the protection of personal data in accordance with GDPR through our consistent privacy policy.