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In 2023, the Equine Care Group entered a partnership with Zoolyx, a Belgian high-tech laboratory specialized in veterinary analyses. The specialists within ECG and Zoolyx work closely together in the field of research and development. The partnership will lead to better and faster diagnoses, helping the horse to receive appropriate and prompt treatments, resulting in better results and less mortality.

About Zoolyx

Zoolyx started in 2014 as the first fully veterinary private laboratory in Belgium, not affiliated with a human laboratory. Founders Tom Nagels and Frank Van Campen have been active in the laboratory business for more than 25 years. The company was created by and for veterinarians. Zoolyx responds to the evolution of diagnostic techniques and advances in veterinary medicine that increasingly require specialization of supporting laboratories. A trend that was previously noticed in neighboring countries but is also breaking through in Belgium.

Hundreds of veterinarians and clinics, as well as breeders and private individuals, turn to Zoolyx for research. Zoolyx delivers research support and development to the pharmaceutical industry, scientific research institutions and zoos. As an example, in collaboration with the Pairi Daiza zoo, Zoolyx has developed a test to detect the Herpes virus in elephants. One of the main reasons for the death of young elephants!

The activities and the high-tech instruments are exclusively aimed at carrying out veterinary analyses, and more than 100,000 tests are performed per year. The in-house experts master a specialized domain (horses, small animals, birds and exotics) and are therefore able to interpret the lab results in a very targeted manner.

The whole analysis process, from the request to the report of the results is performed digitally. Each customer receives an account for this purpose. The tests offered are extensive and evolving, from routine measurements to highly specialized diagnoses, including PCR, serology, hormonal testing, bacteriology, anatomic-pathology, and genetic analyses. The equipment and reagents at Zoolyx's laboratories are unique in our region, are fully tailored to veterinary samples.

Overall, the high-tech equipment and specialized employees provide state of the art results to veterinarians, so they can convert it into clear advice/diagnosis. In a way, Zoolyx uses science to translate animal distress and understand their pathologies in depth. From alpaca to seal, they all have something to say through Zoolyx.

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