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Charlotte Seifert

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Charlotte graduated at Ghent University in 2011. Immediately thereafter she completed a one-year rotation internship at Bosdreef Equine Hospital. After her internship, Charlotte had the opportunity to work together with Eduardo Felix, one of the most renowned Equine Orthopedic Vets worldwide and also ECG member since the early beginning. Working together with Eduardo, seeing and treating top-level sport horses on a daily basis triggered Charlotte’s passion for equine sports medicine.

In 2014, Charlotte decided to start up her own veterinary practice, which has been very successful since the beginning and has been growing ever since. The practice is today reinforced with two other Equine Veterinarians, Roxanne Bex and Maria Aguirre. Together, they form one of the largest and fastest-growing Equine practices in Belgium.

The Equine Care Group is very proud to welcome Charlotte, Roxanne and Maria on board. Your exceptional career path is the result of your entrepreneurship and your strive for the best.

We are very happy you joined our ECG team.