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Jef Desmedt

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Jef grew up around horses. His father was a veterinarian and a talented eventing rider. He participated in several European Championships, World Championships and even the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992. Jef understood a horse like no other and this gave him a huge advantage during his studies and later as a veterinarian when he graduated from the University of Ghent in 1996.

When Tom Mariën, CEO and founder of ECG was assistant at the department of surgery of the faculty, Jef was in his final year. Even then, Jef was an exceptional student. He was talented, determined and so much further ahead than the rest. Jef was discreet, did not bluff with his knowledge and skills, but then stunned everyone with his insight and approach. At that time, Tom knew he was going to be a big name in equine medicine.

An unseen career followed afterwards. Jef specialized in orthopedics and sports medicine. He attended lectures and apprenticed with experienced orthopedists at home and abroad. His exceptional talent was soon noticed by top riders in almost all disciplines (jumping, eventing, dressage, etc). In no time, Jef was in demand at the most famous top stables especially in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Given his professionalism, he was also asked very early in his career as team veterinarian of the Belgian teams and this in the different disciplines. He is currently team vet of the Belgian Eventing Team. In addition, Jef also plays an active role as FEI vet within the KBRSF (Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation).

He is married to veterinarian Lies De Bakker who has built a center specializing in reproduction and fertility for horses in Oudsbergen.