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Bosdreef was founded in early 1992 as the first private equine referral hospital in Belgium. From the early days there was a strong focus to deliver the highest possible specialist care for all horses.  In many ways our board certified specialists have pioneered in the introduction of new surgical techniques and implementation of new diagnostic modalities.

One of the first arthroscopies was performed at Bosdreef and we were the first to install the newest technologies such as scintigraphy, MRI and objective motion analysis. Bosdreef quickly developed a strong national and international reputation in the Equine Veterinary World and grew out as a reference and state-of-the-art Equine Hospital. Our veterinarians are internationally renowned and set benchmarks in their discipline of veterinary medicine.

The team is a vibrant mix of experience, dedication and continuous ambition. Bosdreef focuses on permanent in-house knowledge, so your horse gets the best possible care 24/7.  In 2017 the hospital moved to a purpose-built new facility, fitted to the modern needs of the elite sports horses and their riders and owners.

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