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The Mediterranean Equestrian Tour (MET) located in Oliva, Spain, and the Equine Care Group (ECG), have established a partnership to improve the veterinary services at Oliva.

The Mediterranean Equestrian Tour was founded in 2012 and is located at the Costa Blanca, in Oliva, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. An amazing site of 18 Hectares with 9 sand arenas, with more than 1000 boxes, restaurants, and a shopping village located just 500 m from the beach.

More than 6.600 horses from 67 countries come every year to Oliva Nova to train and compete in the best possible conditions.

Starting Oct. 1st, 2023, ECG will provide the medical services at Oliva and will run the veterinary clinic on site. The veterinary facilities at the show were upgraded by ECG in terms of infrastructure and equipment with the goal to provide the best possible medical care in optimal conditions.

A team of well-known and reputable equine orthopedic veterinarians from ECG will collaborate with local veterinarians to share knowledge and provide the finest quality of veterinary care.

High-level athletes deserve optimal healthcare, and this is one of the main goals of this collaboration. Assisting owners during transactions with veterinary pre-purchase exams, prevention of injuries, diagnostic and treatment of sports-related injuries, will be among our top priorities.

Many riders from around the world have already expressed their greatest satisfaction with the partnership.

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