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Clinica Equina San Biagio was co-founded in 2010 by Dr. Ugo Carrozzo, Dr Roberta Pirazzoli and Dr. Matteo Toniato. The clinic is located close to Bologna –Italy- and is the only private clinic in Italy with a standing MRI. Dr. Matteo Toniato, the Clinic’s director, has a special interest in equine orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging and surgery. Horses are brought from all over Italy to the internationally renowned Clinica Equina San Biagio for second opinion examination and specialised treatment.

Besides surgery, orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging, the clinic has also a focus on internal medicine and emergencies. Dr Ugo Carrozzo is an official FEI veterinarian since 2012 and holds an ISELP Certificate. In 2018 he obtained the Diploma of kinesiology, physiotherapy and veterinary rehabilitation from from Ecole National Alfort (Fr). He is an internationally renowned sports veteriarian and in 2017 he became the official team veterinarian for the Italian Jumping Team.

Together with their dynamic team, Matteo, Ugo and Roberta provide the best possible medical care to their patients. The close collaboration between the team of the Clinica Equina San Biagio and the other clinics from the Equine Care Group is a big advantage and upgrade. The ultimate goal is to share knowledge among specialists for the the horse’s benefit!

Clinica Equina San Biagio will soon invest in a CT scan to improve its diagnostic imaging equipment and power.

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