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Equine Care Group is very proud of its recent partnership with Equine Products UK Ltd. The English company, located in Newcastle has a rock-solid reputation in the development and worldwide distribution of high quality equine nutritional supplements for over 40 years. A big step forward for ECG and Equine Products UK Ltd.

Equine Products UK Ltd, was founded 43 years ago in Newcastle in the northeast of England. The company specialises in the development and distribution of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for horses. Thanks to their continuous innovation and commitment to the highest quality, they have built a global distribution network.

The customer oriented approach to their business model is unique and the strength of the Equine Products UK team.

The secret to their products is simple; they use the best ingredients available on the market and in the highest concentrations to ensure efficacy and customer satisfaction. At Equine Products UK they strive for the very best for their customers and their horses.

All products manufactured by Equine Products UK Ltd are made in accordance with strict EU feed hygiene legislation. One of the requirements of this legislation is a testing program for heavy metals, dioxins, active ingredients and analytical constituents.

Testing and daily procedures meet the highest HACCP standards and all raw materials used by Equine Products UK Ltd are tested by an official FEI-accredited laboratory in Paris before being released into the manufacturing process.

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