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Global Medics has a dedicated development strategy for health-care products in Human and Veterinary Medicine with a focus on quality.

Innovation is the red line throughout the Global Medics story. Founded in 2005, a full range of nutritional supplements were developed in collaboration with specialized veterinarians, surgeons and researchers. A scientific approach is key in the continuous drive to support and improve the physical condition. All Global Medics products have a focus on providing the best possible support to humans and animals. A support for musculoskeletal disorders as arthrosis, tendon and muscular problems, for inner organs (gastric problems, liver disorders, intestinal diseases, etc) but also for skin and hoof problems.
Due to its quality, the brand Global Medics is known all over the world. High level sport horses only use the best supportive nutraceuticals on the market and Global Medics has become the golden standard for these horses.

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