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With its Vitalbix brand, the Dutch company Feral Horse Care specializes in the development and distribution of high-quality healthy horse feed. The company works closely with the veterinarians and equine clinics of the Equine Care Group. The specialists of both companies join forces to prevent and treat numerous health problems in horses through healthy nutrition.

About Vitalbix

The nutritionists at Vitalbix have developed a feed range that is rich in fiber, low in sugar and starch, thus closely reflecting a horse's natural ration.

Thanks to this fundamental focus on composition and quality, Vitalbix standed out in the market and quickly grew as aleader in the Netherlands. Vitalbix nutrition specialists also provide targeted nutritional advice for individual horses or a sport stable or riding school. This enables the owner to make an informed choice within the range offered. Specifically, nutritional requirements are highly dependent on various factors such as, horse's sex, activity and physiological status. In addition to feeds, Vitalbix also offers healthy treats for horses, and grooming products of the same quality under a separate label "Skincalmin".

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