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Science-based work, knowledge sharing, and collaboration are important pillars of the Equine Care Group. We have therefore established a specific department within ECG to structure research and training: ECG Research & Education.

The ECG Research & Education Department is headed by Dr. Tatiana Vinardell, DVM, IPSAV, MSc, PhD. Within this department we will stimulate, support and coordinate research within the different divisions of the Equine care group. Furthermore, within ECG we have a focus on education and knowledge sharing.

Through scientific research and discovery, ECG aims to be leading in the area of equine veterinary medicine and disseminating new advances to the equine community. ECG is a shining example of a consortium of veterinarians conducting translational research and sharing their expertise at international level, on exciting topics such as surgery, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, sports medicine and nutrition among others. In addition to their clinical work, ECG clinicians collaborate with different partner companies to develop new innovations.

ECG lends its support to a plethora of educational initiatives to help achieve the ECG mission and vision. ECG is committed to transferring knowledge and runs a number of successful educational programs such as an externship, internship and residencies, as well as outreach activities such as practical training sessions, to help improve the knowledge of young veterinarians and refreshers courses for fellow veterinarians at national and international level.

Consequently, the Equine Care Group has invested significantly in an interactive multimedia/conference room to host conferences and stream them over the net.

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