A group of veterinarians for veterinarians

Bringing together veterinarians and equine clinics that were previously competitors, into one group creates a very constructive collaboration and synergy resulting in better equine medicine.

Dr. Frederik Bruyninx, co-founder ECG

Besides striving for top quality equine medicine, ECG also has an important sociological goal. ECG's mission is to make our profession attractive again. The veterinary profession has numerous problems mainly due to lack of cooperation, transparency, collegiality, communication and professionalization resulting in unfavorable working conditions an often unacceptable "work-life balance".

ECG is going to take over the paperwork (billing, accounting, and administration) as much as possible from the veterinarians so they can focus on being a veterinarian: on their passion. The time freed up will be used for continuing education and more quality moments with the family.

We must work together as one team; we need to share knowledge and we need to adapt to the needs of today's society.

ESG is a priority for modern businesses and thus for the Equine Care Group.